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Watching the Olympics · The CBC Olympics coverage on its HDTV channel is just outstanding. Good picture, good schedule, and good commentary. The NBC feed is is not as egregiously sugar-coated as previous US offerings, but the US-centricity really gets old fast. The CBC’s video logo/trailer is an outstanding piece of eye candy; is it online anywhere? There are even occasional high-def ads. One in particular from Target, reminiscent in style of their big August 2005 New Yorker buy, is just a treat to watch.
Contacting Me · I get a lot of email in connection with ongoing, and I enjoy that, so thank-you to everyone who sends it. I just added a Contact section to the “Author” piece; it explains that if you write me, I might decide to publish your email. Which means, first of all, that if you don’t want me to, please say so. And if you don’t mind, include your preferred Web address so that I can throw in a little link love.
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