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Watching the Olympics · The CBC Olympics cov­er­age on its HDTV chan­nel is just out­stand­ing. Good pic­ture, good sched­ule, and good com­men­tary. The NBC feed is is not as egre­gious­ly sugar-coated as pre­vi­ous US of­fer­ings, but the US-centricity re­al­ly gets old fast. The CBC’s video lo­go/­trail­er is an out­stand­ing piece of eye can­dy; is it on­line any­where? There are even oc­ca­sion­al high-def ad­s. One in par­tic­u­lar from Tar­get, rem­i­nis­cent in style of their big Au­gust 2005 New York­er buy, is just a treat to watch.
Contacting Me · I get a lot of email in con­nec­tion with on­go­ing, and I en­joy that, so thank-you to ev­ery­one who sends it. I just added a Con­tact sec­tion to the “Author” piece; it ex­plains that if you write me, I might de­cide to pub­lish your email. Which mean­s, first of al­l, that if you don’t want me to, please say so. And if you don’t mind, in­clude your pre­ferred Web ad­dress so that I can throw in a lit­tle link love.
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