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Blasphemy · If you’re go­ing to pub­lish blas­phe­mous pic­to­ri­als about Mid­dle Eastern prophet­s, the least you can do is be fun­ny, as in Je­sus and Mo. The qual­i­ty is up and down, but I liked this one. Ac­tu­al­ly, I do have two se­ri­ous com­ments about the Danish-cartoons/Muslim-riots sto­ry. First of al­l, a lot of peo­ple in Arab dic­ta­tor­ships gen­uine­ly have no no­tion that a press can be in­de­pen­den­t, so get­ting mad at the whole coun­try is a lit­tle less loony than it sound­s. If a Syr­i­an pa­per pub­lished some­thing nasty (ac­tu­al­ly, I sus­pect they prob­a­bly do), it would be en­tire­ly ap­pro­pri­ate for rea­son­able peo­ple to get mad at the Syr­i­an gov­ern­men­t. Se­cond, I have ad­vice for re­li­gious peo­ple who don’t want their prophets or deities or sym­bols blas­phemed again­st: curb your cra­zies. Let’s run through some news­mak­ers in re­cent times who claimed to be faith-driven. On the Mus­lim side, there’s Mo­hamed At­ta, Pres­i­dent Ah­madine­jad, and var­i­ous oth­er racist cra­zies; for the Chris­tian­s, Pat Robert­son, Jer­ry Fal­well, and their le­gions of smarmy grasp­ing ditto-heads; and for the Jews, Baruch Gold­stein and Yesha’s “trans­fergeno­cidaire-wannabes. The Chris­tian batshit-loonies dif­fer from the oth­ers in be­ing ap­par­ent­ly less mur­der­ous but vast­ly more hyp­o­crit­i­cal. To all the ex­cel­lent Chris­tians and Jews and Mus­lims out there: I know you ex­ist. But you’re van­ish­ing from view be­hind the cloud of mucky dust be­ing raised by your lu­natic fringe; as of right now, in the twenty-first cen­tu­ry, when some­one claims to be deeply re­li­gious, that’s grounds for sus­pi­cion of big­otry, greed, and a pre­dis­po­si­tion to homi­cide. Which is one rea­son my lit­tle boy isn’t be­ing tak­en to church, for the mo­men­t.
5✭♫: Come On-A My House · This song was made fa­mous by Rose­mary Clooney, but the ver­sion I’m writ­ing of here is by Julie Lon­don, who record­ed 32 al­bums but is no longer a house­hold name. Julie’s ver­sion of Come On-A My House is just the thing for Valentine’s-Day week: Come on-a my house (my house­), I’m gonna give you can­dy... Pure, pure sex. (“5✭♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
The Magic Middle · Dave Sifry’s post­ed Part 2 of the State of the Bl­o­go­sphere and this may be the most in­ter­est­ing chunk ev­er. There’s a lot more than just num­bers in there; what par­tic­u­lar­ly caught my eye was the no­tion of the “Magic Middle”, 150 thou­sand or so blogs with be­tween 20 and 1,000 in­bound links. Th­ese peo­ple tend to have a lot of very spe­cif­ic top­i­cal au­thor­i­ty and to be, in gen­er­al, good. Per­haps a new thing in the world?
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