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Nexenta/NetBeans/OS X Notes · I’m run­ning NetBeans 5 on my Ul­tra 20, us­ing Nex­en­ta GNU/So­laris as the OS. This buys a lot of per­for­mance, but I on­ly want to have one screen/key­board, so I’m rout­ing the UI through my Mac via X11. I don’t know how com­mon a sce­nario this is go­ing to be, but ear­ly in­di­ca­tions are it’s a damn pro­duc­tive work­ing en­vi­ron­men­t. I’m dis­cov­er­ing some things, so I’ll post them here as I go along in case oth­er peo­ple run across some of the same is­sues. [Up­date: Keymap­ping pro­gress, whines, and bugs] ...
6,000,000,000 Cycles/Second · Holy cow, IBM says they can run the Pow­er6 at 6GHz. Hey, I still think lower-clock-rate/more-cores is the way to go, maybe be­cause I’m pri­mar­i­ly a Web Guy; for ex­am­ple, see Paul Mur­phy on SPECWe­b2005. But stil­l, you got­ta be im­pressed, that’s one $@*&!# hot chip. I’m think­ing of OS X run­ning on one of the­se... Oop­s, too late.
Thumbnail Tuning · I did some fine-tuning. If you’re read­ing this in a brows­er rather than a fee­dread­er, there’s a lit­tle pic­ture in the mar­gin that changes ev­ery so of­ten; click­ing on it tele­ports you in­to the archives. It should work bet­ter now and even tells you where it’ll take you. If I broke any­thing, do please let me know. It’s si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly brutally-minimalist and slightly-AJAXy, some geeks might be amused at the de­tail­s ...
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