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Hamas Won · Good news: Fatah (cor­rup­t, in­com­pe­ten­t, abu­sive) lost. Good news: Clean elec­tion (a­mus­ing de­tails here); the losers are ex­it­ing grace­ful­ly, which is huge, Arabs in re­cent times have rarely en­joyed the priv­i­lege of peace­ful­ly fir­ing their ruler­s. Now, as for the win­ner­s... They don’t seem to have an English web site so any­thing we say about them is on second-hand au­thor­i­ty, but un­less a lot of re­porters are ly­ing, they’re more or less Wahhabi-style beards-for-men veils-for-women fun-for-nobody Is­lamist­s, and what ap­pears to be their man­i­festo refers to the Pro­to­cols of the Elders of Zion, demon­strat­ing that they’re not just racist­s, they’re gullible racist­s. Al­so, Ha­mas has en­gaged in ter­ror­is­m. Now, lots of move­ments once re­gard­ed as ter­ror­ist have end­ed up evolv­ing in­to re­spectable po­lit­i­cal par­ties, but it’s hard to imag­ine or­ga­nized re­li­gious fa­nati­cism grow­ing in­to the ba­sis for a civ­i­lized gov­ern­men­t. Hamas’ win al­so means that ma­ni­acs like Netenyahu can claim that there’s no point talk­ing to Pales­tini­an­s, but then he’d say that even if Mother There­sa had just won the elec­tion. In fac­t, the Is­raelis to­day say­ing “the peace pro­cess is over” are, by and large, the ones who nev­er want­ed it to start. On the oth­er hand, as Br’er Rob points out, if you want peace you have to talk to your en­e­mies, and yep, these are def­i­nite­ly Israel’s re­al en­e­mies. The best pos­si­ble out­come is that Ha­mas cleans up some of the cor­rup­tion, out­grows ter­ror­is­m, and re­al­izes that most of the Pales­tini­ans aren’t go­ing to go for the beard­s, veil­s, and so on. The worst is what we’re more like­ly to get, the Mid­dle East be­ing what it is. Any­how, there’s good on­line cov­er­age at Al-Jazeera (here and here), Ha’aretz (here and in their elec­tion blog), and from Leila El-Haddad. In the in­ter­im, the mind­less dai­ly blood­shed grinds on. I picked that by go­ing to Ha’aretz and find­ing the first sto­ry about some­one be­ing killed, there’s one of those al­most ev­ery day. When nine-year-olds are shot, it doesn’t mat­ter which side they’re from.
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