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WaPo Still Screwing Up · The Wash­ing­ton Post has no­ticed the brew­ing storm over the two-tier In­ter­net; Doc Searls gets the long-term cred­it for start­ing the storm brew­ing. The WaPo piece, The Com­ing Tug of War Over the In­ter­net, is clue­less, at a triv­ial lev­el in al­leg­ing that the de­bate is hap­pen­ing “on ob­scure blogs”, but most of all in the out­ra­geous claim that “Companies like Google and Ya­hoo pay some fees to con­nect to their servers to the In­ter­net, but AT&T will col­lect lit­tle if any ad­di­tion­al rev­enue when Ya­hoo starts of­fer­ing new fea­tures that take up lots of band­width on the In­ter­net. When Yahoo’s mil­lions of cus­tomers down­load huge blocks of video or play com­plex video games, AT&T ends up car­ry­ing that in­creased dig­i­tal traf­fic with­out ad­di­tion­al fi­nan­cial compensation.” While the de­tails of the deals by which the big boys buy band­width are closely-guarded se­cret­s, the no­tion that any of them can dra­mat­i­cal­ly in­crease their net traf­fic with­out pay­ing for it, that no­tion is just wack­o. I’ve sent Christo­pher Stern, the au­thor, an email, but this silli­ness is al­ready on the streets of Wash­ing­ton in a few hun­dred thou­sand dead-tree in­stances. The dif­fer­ence be­tween blogs and the main­stream me­dia is that when we screw up, we can most­ly re­pair the dam­age. [Up­date: Five days lat­er. No an­swer to my po­lite, friend­ly email. No change in the ar­ti­cle. So this “journalism” thing... it’s a pro­fes­sion where you can just make ran­dom shit up and print it whether it’s right or wrong, and ig­nore feed­back, and you just don’t do those “retraction” or “update” or “apology” things? Seems like a flawed, short-lived busi­ness mod­el to me.]
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