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FSS: Feather, Gauze, Vase · Fri­day Slide Scan #19 is from around 1990 and is well-described by this fragment’s ti­tle; it’s re­al­ly very pret­ty ...
The Aquarium · Peo­ple have been ask­ing for it since forever, and re­cent re­leas­es of Roller now have a group-blogging fea­ture. I’ve al­ways been skep­ti­cal of the idea, which re­de­fines “blog” from be­ing about an in­di­vid­u­al voice to be­ing about a shared in­ter­est; be­cause peo­ple are big­ger and more in­ter­est­ing than their in­ter­est­s. But over the last cou­ple of week­s, my at­ten­tion has sev­er­al times been drawn to pieces in The Aquar­i­um, which is a group blog about GlassFish. While I’m not re­al­ly an EE kin­da guy, I can see how some­one who cares about that stuff could find this kind of a re­source use­ful. For ex­am­ple, check out this point­er to an over-elaborated but nonethe­less use­ful ar­ti­cle about do­ing REST in in JAX. Maybe “group blogs” have legs.
Upcoming Gig: JavaOne · Hah, I’m de­light­ed. JavaOne ac­cept­ed my talk, en­ti­tled Si­grid: The sim­plest pos­si­ble grid com­put­ing plat­form. See you in San Fran in May!
Marketing Truth · I get peeved at Ni­cholas Carr some­times, but he’s done a su­perb piece of work push­ing hard on SAP and Or­a­cle for us­ing statis­tics in their ads in a way that is at best non-transparent and at worst, well let’s not go there. It’s got to the point that when­ev­er I see a quan­ti­ta­tive claim in an ad I as­sume it’s a lie. There should be penalties; pub­lic ridicule feels ap­pro­pri­ate.
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