Just to prove that I can say nice things about Dell: Mom visited us over Christmas, and is thinking about replacing the the mouldy old 15" CRT plugged into her new Mac mini. So we walked around the local electronics megamart and looked at the HP and Samsung and LG screens, which seemed much of a muchness. At home, we went over to the Dell Canada monitors page, and wow, they were slaughtering the big-box store; way better specs for noticeably less money. I’ve seen the Dell screens and they’re good, and decently styled too. I told her the old trick of bookmarking the page and monitoring the price every day or two for a few weeks until you learn to spot the patterns and strike when there’s a deal, and I bet Dell gets her business. [Update: I wrote this last week, then saw Jeremy Zawodny’s anguished Dell-hell howl; I’ve decided not to shriek “Stop!” at Mom because, after all, most of the screens aren’t going to arrive broken.]

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January 02, 2006
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