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Vibrator Repairs · Re­cent­ly my Mom and I found our­selves driv­ing around in an in­dus­tri­al sub­di­vi­sion of Burn­a­by when we ran across this, which I think is worth re­pro­duc­ing ...
Mac + HDTV · We have an HDTV, not a great one, a ba­sic Autumn-2004 Hi­tachi 42", works great for watch­ing high-def sport­s, al­though plain old (non-high-def) TV still looks lousy. Ever since I’ve got it, I’ve want­ed to plug it in­to my lap­top, but nev­er could get the video driv­er to do much more than park a fuzzy 640×480 postage stamp in the mid­dle of the 16×9. We’ve got fam­i­ly vis­it­ing for Christ­mas, and I re­al­ly, re­al­ly want­ed to have a slide show, like we used to in the old days with the pro­jec­tor and the rick­ety roll-up screen and ev­ery­one sit­ting around crack­ing jokes about the pic­tures. I have a new 15" October-2005-vintage Pow­erBook, so I sal­lied forth in­to the breach and gave switchResX an­oth­er try and it worked this time! It doesn’t have the world’s most in­tu­itive UI, and I for­get the ex­act tin­ker­ing se­quence that got me there, but now the Mac sees the the HDTV as an 848x480 out­board screen which isn’t ex­act­ly 16×9, but there’s no vis­i­ble stretch­ing. That res­o­lu­tion isn’t great, but is OK for look­ing at pic­tures. One more trick was re­quired to get the slide-show work­ing: use the “Arrange” tab on the Dis­plays pref­er­ences to make the out­board HDTV in­to the pri­ma­ry dis­play by drag­ging the menu-bar on­to it. Then I sus­pect that any of OS X’s slide-show op­tions (iPho­to, Fin­der, Graph­ic Con­vert­er) will work; I’m us­ing Graph­ic Con­vert­er. Tonight, the fam­i­ly will be gath­er­ing around the big screen to look at 124 pic­tures telling the sto­ry of the year. Seems to me that if you want your com­put­er to serve as a “home me­dia center” or what­ev­er the mar­ket­ing buz­zword is, driv­ing the HDTV is a pret­ty ba­sic re­quire­men­t, so Ap­ple needs to ei­ther hire the switchResX folks or repli­cate the func­tion­al­i­ty. Let me know how Win­dows & Lin­ux do in this de­part­ment and I’ll post a point­er.
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