So, here’s the good news: I walked into the bar at ApacheCon to get a beer, there was another guy there waiting; when the bartender came around, he ordered a drink then, pointing at me, said “... and whatever he’s having”. He turned to me said “Love the blog” and we shook hands and talked for a while. I’m terribly embarrassed that I’ve lost his name; Interesting guy, he’s at Google and was there for the JCP Board meeting. That’s the first time my blog’s earned me a beer, what’s not to like? So here’s the bad news: Recently, a colleague asked me what I thought about a subject that I’d just written a big piece on two days earlier. I harrumphed, and she said “Who has time to read all your stuff? There’s too much!” OK, so I write really fast and I don’t sleep much, but she has a point. The problem is that the creative flow is really uneven. First half of the week, I was on the road and didn’t post much, now for some reason I have five big pieces squirming around in the back of my head wanting to be written; and the nasty bit is that if I don’t write them, they don’t save up, they evaporate. I suspect there isn’t a solution.

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December 16, 2005
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