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Drop the <!DOCTYPE> · Back when we cooked up XML in 1996-97, there were good rea­sons to have that ug­ly upper-case gib­ber­ish at the top of your XML doc­u­ments. That was al­most ten years ago; now it’s time to do away with it, and al­so time to have a spec for Doctype-free XML ...
John Cowan · He’s a leg­end in the XML com­mu­ni­ty, is the au­thor of TagSoup, is ridicu­lous­ly eru­dite on any num­ber of things, and is look­ing for a new job. I think he’d be a good bet.
Gleanings · I’ve been kind of busy, in part due to my em­ploy­er hav­ing made some sort of an­nounce­ment ap­prox­i­mate­ly ev­ery fif­teen min­utes for the last three month­s. I’m still be­hind on more or less ev­ery­thing, but here are some things that have built up in my tabs bar that I just can’t bring my­self to by­pass. Item: Quot­ing Si­mon Phipps: “It seems to me in­evitable that even­tu­al­ly, the no­bil­i­ty of the old world will turn up at the doors of the fron­tiers­men of the new world and de­mand pay­ment of trib­ute in the form of patents royalties.” Item: Br’er Rob chan­nels Ge­org chan­nel­ing God. Item: Za­wod­ny: Do Search Engines Cen­sor Blog­ger­s? Good ques­tion; the one time I’ve dropped in­to unmitigated-flame mode here about a com­pa­ny, the re­sult is that if you type their name in­to Google, my flame’s right there be­side their home­page. I feel guilty even though they en­tire­ly earned the flame; people’s jobs are at stake. Item: Good Richard Pry­or eu­lo­gy. I still think the orig­i­nal Richard Pry­or Live video is maybe the fun­ni­est thing I’ve ev­er seen, com­e­dy striv­ing for the di­vine and not miss­ing by much. Item: IBM li­cens­ing its patent port­fo­lio to star­tups via VCs. This de­serves more at­ten­tion than it’s re­ceived. My ini­tial re­ac­tion is vis­cer­al hor­ror, does it mean you can’t safe­ly start a com­pa­ny with­out tak­ing VC mon­ey? Item: Beau Hartshorne has aban­doned databas­es in fa­vor of Atom. Item: Amaz­ing­ly cool op­ti­cal il­lu­sion. Uni­fy­ing the­me: None.
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