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Search For Sale · In re­sponse to yesterday’s Buy­ing Search Traf­fic, Rus­sell Beat­tie (who works for Ya­hoo) writes: Search is al­ready de­ter­mined by who pays the most for it! Every­where you see a search box with a Google lo­go, be sure that there's a com­peti­tor out there that will pay for the same spot—because search ad­ver­tis­ing is so mon­e­ti­z­able. Google is ev­ery­where be­cause they're pay­ing for it. Wow, I had no idea. Now, this is just one person’s voice, but I’m run­ning it be­cause I think Rus­sell is prob­a­bly in a po­si­tion to know, and is hon­est in my ex­pe­ri­ence. Any­one else want to con­firm or re­fute? [Ah, Om Ma­lik was on the sto­ry back in Septem­ber.]
RFC 4287 · I hadn’t seen the an­nounce­men­t, but this looks like a sta­ble of­fi­cial IETF link to RFC 4287, The Atom Syn­di­ca­tion For­mat. A lit­tle more work and we’ll have the pub­lish­ing pro­to­col done and I can re­turn to my plow (or equiv­a­lent). The work of the WG and ed­i­tors was just out­stand­ing, and the IETF did, as ad­ver­tised, pro­vide a use­ful quality-control pro­cess with­out un­du­ly get­ting in the way. Thanks ev­ery­one. The world now has a general-purpose syn­di­ca­tion for­mat that is smal­l, sta­ble, based on the last decade’s lesson­s, clean, and wide­ly im­ple­ment­ed. I feel hap­py.
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