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NetBeans Tip · I tried out Joshua Marinacci’s re­cent Net­beans on Mac Tip (d­if­fer­ent GC set­ting) and it worked like a char­m. I sus­pect that this ought to be the de­fault set­ting for NetBeans on most sys­tem­s. I talked to a NetBeans in­sid­er in Prague and he mum­bled about hard-to-reproduce weird­ness with this set­ting on pre­vi­ous NetBeans & Ja­va re­leas­es, but I haven’t seen a sin­gle hic­cup. It turns out that on the AMD64 sys­tem­s, lots of peo­ple are run­ning more or less ev­ery­thing Ja­va in -server mod­e. Hm­m­m.
HBR1 · I cou­ple of years back I wrote about the ad­van­tages of us­ing iTunes or XMMS to soak up Am­bi­ent In­ter­net Brain Goo. Th­ese last cou­ple of days I’ve been learn­ing how to par­ti­tion the disks and in­stall mul­ti­ple op­er­at­ing sys­tem­s, some of ’em pret­ty bleeding-edge, on my Ul­tra 20, which in­volves quite a bit of wait­ing and ir­ri­ta­tion. I owe my con­tin­ued san­i­ty to HBR1; as far as I’m con­cerned they’ve got the best brain goo go­ing.
How They Learn · It’s amaz­ing, con­trary to all the clichés, how slow­ly lit­tle kids learn. My lit­tle guy, now in first grade, has been learn­ing to read for a year now and still strug­gles with some obvious-seeming word­s; oh, those English vow­el­s. But slow is OK, be­cause time is what he has, no end of it; and when you’re my age that time rush­es by, fast and un­ceas­ing like a spring flood. This evening, read­ing the first chap­ters of the first Har­ry Pot­ter at bed­time, he seemed to want a turn so I point­ed him at a para­graph and he hur­ried through it, the tale’s ur­gen­cy car­ry­ing him over words he couldn’t make out. I re­mem­ber be­ing the same age do­ing the same thing, won­der­ing what some word mean­t, but not enough to stop, or even slow down much.
Ultra Sysadmin · I’ve got this Ul­tra 20 which among oth­er things has a huge disk with room for lots of op­er­at­ing sys­tem­s. I want to fool around a bit with Lin­ux and So­laris Clas­sic and GNU/So­lar­is, run some Bon­nie num­bers and al­so shake down my own stuff on all these dif­fer­ent box­es. I ex­pect­ed pain, and I’ve al­ready had some. This post will be my di­ary of the things that go wrong, and right ...
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