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Fair is Fair · And borked is borked. A few days back, I flamed away at the egregiously-broken markup over at MSDN. Alex Bar­nett over at MSDN points out that our own Sun Devel­op­er Net­work site isn’t valid ei­ther. Not as bad as MSDN (I no­ticed the prob­lem there be­cause it mis­dis­plays on Sa­far­i) but still borked. It’s pa­thet­ic, just pa­thet­ic, when two of the lead­ing developers’ re­sources on the Web can’t get their shit to­geth­er and emit valid web con­tent. Guys, go buy Zeld­man and Shea and, like I said be­fore, get a clue. [Up­date: Make that “borked is borked is borked”; per James Snel­l, IBM too. Let’s those of us work­ing for the com­pa­nies be­hind those sites all do some more pub­lic shout­ing and pri­vate plead­ing, and maybe we can make ’em do the right thing.]
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