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FSS: Fireworks, ’57-’61 · Fri­day Slide Scan #14 is four of Dad’s fire­works pic­tures, all over forty years old ...
OSI · That stands for “Open Source Innovation”, and Dana Blanken­horn sug­gests there isn’t any. Uh... Apache. Emac­s. Vi. Per­l. Python. Ruby. PHP. Those were the re­sult of twen­ty sec­onds think­ing. I don’t think soft­ware in­no­va­tion his­tor­i­cal­ly has cor­re­lat­ed neg­a­tive­ly or pos­i­tive­ly with open-source-ness. In the fu­ture though, I think pret­ty well all soft­ware in­no­va­tion will be ei­ther open-source or in­side a big server, be­cause the busi­ness mod­el for ship­ping closed-source soft­ware as a prod­uct is just too twist­ed and weird.
Vancouver Blogs · This no­tion of re­gion­al blog­ging is start­ing to get trac­tion; right here in Van­cou­ver, which is a pret­ty wired place, we now have three dif­fer­ent pre­tenders to the “Vancouver Ci­ty Blog” throne: Ur­ban Van­cou­ver, The Van­cou­verite, and Metroblog­ging Van­cou­ver, the lat­ter part of the Metroblog­ging em­pire. I’ve sub­scribed be­cause, you know, I live here; maybe this will make me a bit hip­per and cool­er, be­cause they’re al­ways talk­ing about events that I’m not clued-in enough to know about; if we start go­ing to a few, that would be a good sign. A good thing hap­pened al­ready: one of the above linked to stat­ic pho­tog­ra­phy, a very nice and thought­ful lo­cal pho­to­blog, check it out.
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