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Hot Chocolate · Satur­day soc­cer prac­tice was at 10AM, 5°C with the wind push­ing the rain side­ways. On­ly six of the nine Dragons turned up, but they were in good spir­it­s, played through the pain; but by the end of the hour were look­ing kind of blue. So I said “Everyone come to the café for hot chocolate” and did they ev­er bright­en up. It’s on­ly a cou­ple of blocks from the dis­mal grav­el field we have to use when it’s too wet for the grass; soon we swarmed nois­i­ly in­to the wel­com­ing warmth. There was a cou­ple in our cor­ner that maybe want­ed some qui­et Saturday-morning cof­fee talk, we chased ’em away. One of the par­ents said “Oh, you shouldn’t pay for them all” but six kid-sized hot choco­lates doesn’t cost much and that was more smiles per dol­lar than just about any­thing else I can think of.
Word Processing Blues · What hap­pened was, my man­ag­er want­ed a re­cent resumé for some in­ter­nal ad­min pro­cess­es. So pulled up TB-Resume.doc in MS Word; I first wrote it over ten years ago us­ing one of the stan­dard Word tem­plates pret­ty well out of the box, and it’s grown over the years, fol­low­ing me from com­put­er to com­put­er. It’s be­com­ing in­creas­ing­ly ir­ri­tat­ing to ed­it; in fac­t, it turned out that I couldn’t. [Up­date: Post­ed a tem­plate.] ...
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