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Open Source Who? · I was in this high-level meet­ing and we were fo­cus­ing on ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty; a lot of good work has been done by Free/Open-Source soft­ware peo­ple in this space, but the sto­ry still isn’t as good as it needs to be. So I got up on my pul­pit and rant­ed away about how we need to do more evan­ge­lism and get the word out that ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty is everyone’s is­sue and should be on everyone’s agen­da. One of the busi­ness­peo­ple said “Well yes, but man­age­ment at Sun and Novell and IBM are all on board and will put re­sources in, so aren’t we OK?” I was si­lenced for a mo­men­t; among oth­er things be­cause the state­ment wasn’t ob­vi­ous­ly nut­s. I mean, it’s nice that the eco­nom­ic main­stream takes F/OSS se­ri­ous­ly, and I’m re­al hap­py to be work­ing for a com­pa­ny that’s in the mid­dle of that. But I’m used to a world where F/OSS pri­or­i­ties are about what the geeks are in­ter­est­ed in work­ing on, not what man­age­ment is will­ing to fund. And this could be se­ri­ous. Way back when, I sus­pect that man­age­ment wouldn’t have been that in­ter­est­ed in a MINIX re­place­ment for the 386, or a patchy Web server, or pro­gram­ming lan­guages named af­ter jew­els and snakes. I’m op­ti­mistic that the good ideas will get worked on any­how, be­cause few forces are stronger than a good en­gi­neer in the grip of a good idea. But stil­l, the world is chang­ing (as al­ways) out from un­der us.
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