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Canadian Politics — OK · Wel­l, fi­nal­ly. As I wrote back in May, we’ve had a high­ly un­sta­ble po­lit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion for the best part of a year, with the gov­ern­ing mi­nor­i­ty Lib­er­als emit­ting a strong aro­ma of en­trenched cor­rup­tion, but the op­po­si­tion not (quite) sum­mon­ing the will to take ’em down. Wel­l, now all three op­po­si­tion par­ties have said that they won’t sup­port the Lib­er­als any more; while they’re squab­bling mess­i­ly, chances are we’re go­ing to have an elec­tion in Jan­uary. The NDP, who were sup­port­ing the gov­ern­ment in or­der to win social-democratic leg­isla­tive points, now say they aren’t hap­py with the Liberals’ health-care of­fer­s, but I sus­pect that they’ve de­cid­ed that the gen­er­al pub­lic is so mad at the the Lib­er­als that the costs of be­ing in bed with them out­weigh any pol­i­cy ben­e­fit­s. It should be an in­ter­est­ing elec­tion. On one hand, the Lib­er­als were caught red-handed steal­ing mil­lion­s. But on the oth­er, they’ve ac­tu­al­ly been pret­ty com­pe­ten­t; un­em­ploy­ment and the na­tion­al debt are down, we’re not bogged down in any over­seas wars; peo­ple feel pret­ty pos­i­tive about our in­volve­ment in the Balka­ns and Afghanistan. Me, I think we have to dump the Lib­er­als if on­ly to pre­serve our self-respect, but I can’t imag­ine we’ll get a very long-lasting re­sult. That’s OK, elec­tions are cheap and bear­able, com­pared to the al­ter­na­tive.
debian GNU/Solaris · Everyone’s post­ing their GNU/So­laris screen­shot­s, so I will too. Here it is, cour­tesy of a LiveCD ISO from Nex­en­ta. I don’t know if there’s a way to get screen­shot of the Gnome start­up splash screen, so I just whipped out my pock­et cam­era and took a few snap­s. This, I firm­ly be­lieve, is the fu­ture of So­laris (er, ex­cept for I [blush] kin­da lean to KDE my­self; but you get the idea) ...
US Politics — Creepy · I see that in our south­ern neigh­bor, the Pres­i­dent has promised to ve­to anti-torture leg­is­la­tion and the Vice-President is try­ing to get the CIA ex­empt­ed from it. I hate jump­ing to con­clu­sion­s, and I’m wor­ried; I read a lot of news, and it makes me won­der whether the fac­tion cur­rent­ly gov­ern­ing Amer­i­ca is heav­i­ly pop­u­lat­ed with greedy vi­cious ly­ing thiev­ing sanc­ti­mo­nious un­der­hand­ed heart­less ve­nial creep­s. That is what the ev­i­dence sug­gest­s. But like I said, you wouldn’t want to jump to con­clu­sion­s.
Vancouver Politics — Good · We’re hav­ing an elec­tion here in Van­cou­ver on Nov. 19th. We have four par­ties in con­tention: the NPA, gen­er­al­ly re­gard­ed as rep­re­sent­ing the in­ter­ests of the West-siders who live in big hous­es, and sym­pa­thet­ic to the provin­cial gov­ern­ment as long as it’s right-wing, which it cur­rent­ly is. Then there’s COPE, usu­al­ly seen as a bunch of old-fashioned Lefties, the Greens, and a new thingie called Vi­sion Van­cou­ver. There are two can­di­dates for may­or, the NPA’s Sam Sul­li­van and Jim Green from Vi­sion. What hap­pened was, we had a pret­ty good may­or called Lar­ry Camp­bel­l, who ran on the COPE tick­et but was nev­er very com­fy with its left­ward fringes. He re­tired and COPE split, spin­ning off Vi­sion; and Jim Green, who was kind of Larry’s side­kick, is run­ning on that tick­et. It’s un­clear whether Vi­sion is any­thing more than a one-time plat­form for Green; but COPE and Vi­sion and the Greens are co-operating, some­what. This is kind of a cheery elec­tion; both Sul­li­van and Green look like pret­ty plau­si­ble can­di­dates for may­or, and they’re be­ing rea­son­ably civ­i­lized about it; their at­tacks on each oth­er seem pret­ty well fact-based. I think we’ll do OK, who­ev­er win­s.
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