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FSS: Baldini Sunset · Fri­day Slide Scan #12 is a pic­ture of a sun­set near Fort Ver­mil­ion, Al­ber­ta, which is way up north. It’s by my Dad, and while it’s pret­ty nice, it’s not his best, not even his best sun­set; but it’s the old­est I’ve scanned so far, dat­ing from 1953 ...
Security Hell · Tap, tap, tap, pause... “hmph”. Tap, tap, tap, pause... "grmph". [Ten min­utes pass.] Tap, tap, tap, pause... “Hellfire.” Tap, tap, tap, pause... “Crap.” [Ten more min­utes.] Tap, tap, tap, pause... “<multiple ex­ple­tives deleted>.” Tap, tap, tap, pause... loud splat sound as the yellow-stickies pad im­pacts the far of­fice wal­l. The cat­s, sens­ing trou­ble, have left the room. Is this the sound of: Try­ing to book a flight to some­where at­trac­tive us­ing points? Multi-threaded soft­ware be­ing de­bugged? An at­tempt to write WSDL by hand? Solv­ing a re­al­ly nasty Myst-series puz­zle? None of the above. Those sounds would be me try­ing to pick a new Sun LDAP pass­word that meets the incredibly-stiff re­quire­ments of our new (SarbOx-driven, they say) se­cu­ri­ty pol­i­cy. The dic­tio­nary they check in­cludes vari­ant spellings of the names of lit­tle towns in the Le­banese moun­tain­s! I asked Lau­ren: “How am I go­ing to re­mem­ber this?” She said: “Go pick up that that yellow-stickies pad you threw across the room, write it down on one, and put it some­where safe. Bruce Sch­neier says that’s OK.” While I gen­er­al­ly ap­prove of forc­ing peo­ple to avoid easily-stolen pass­word­s, I do wor­ry a lit­tle that these hard-to-guess things can al­so be hard to type, and per­haps thus vul­ner­a­ble to pry­ing eye­s. But any­how, if you were think­ing of writ­ing a pro­gram to guess anyone’s pass­word here at Sun, well for­get about it. [Up­date: I got a bunch of sug­ges­tions on how to deal with this, some of them good.] ...
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