Containing three travel photographs from Oct. 28, 2005, one enigma, an out-take from Genesis 1, and a tugboat.

I took off from Boston before dawn, and transferred through Toronto as the sun was rising. I thought the sunrise reflecting off the airfield was interesting, and I was right, it is interesting, especially the skyline; Torontonians will probably want to inflate and look close.

Sunrise reflecting off the airfield, Toronto

But that picture is something of a lie... here’s another cut across the same original, with a bit of a mystery there at the top.

Sunrise reflecting off the airfield, Toronto, with enigma

Actually, it’s not really an enigma, it’s just a reflection, I was shooting through the window of a bus.

Later on, we took a turn out over the Pacific to get lined up for the Vancouver runway and the light on the water captured my eye. I may not be religious but that doesn’t mean I don’t have large parts of the 1611 King James text waiting to be called up: And the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters.

Sun reflected at a large scale on the Pacific ocean near Vancouver

The little object on the left? I thought it was a big ship, but enlarge that picture and look really really close; it’s a tugboat hauling a barge (a common sight in these waters). Here’s a little help.

Tugboat hauling barge

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