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Internet Stamps · This week’s splogstorm and the end­less flood of email spam are two symp­toms of the same dis­ease. When you al­low peo­ple to add con­tent to the Net for free, the eco­nom­ic in­cen­tives to fill all the avail­able space with with spam are ir­re­sistible, and fight­ing back is dif­fi­cult, maybe im­pos­si­ble. This works be­cause, while the pay­off per unit of spam is low, the cost is ze­ro. Wel­l, we can solve all these prob­lems at on­ce. It wouldn’t be free, but it would be cheap and it wouldn’t be that hard. It’s called “Internet Stamps” ...
Splogsplosion · Holy cow, I just wrote about splogs and over this week­end, they’ve ex­plod­ed. At eight when I looked at my PubSub feed, there were 31 en­tries, 30 splog. Just now at 9:45 there are 15 more. Tech­no­rati and Google feed search are sim­i­lar­ly in­fest­ed. The to­tal num­bers must be mind-boggling; this par­tic­u­lar surge is us­ing blogspot as an at­tack vec­tor. The soft­ware that’s gen­er­at­ing these things is pret­ty so­phis­ti­cat­ed, you might think they were re­al at first glance. Uh, ladies and gen­tle­men of the bl­o­go­sphere, I think we have an emer­gen­cy on our hand­s.
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