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Memory · Tues­day evening and Wed­nes­day were in Ed­mon­ton, Al­ber­ta which, odd­ly, is kind of my home­town. I did a cou­ple of lec­tures and took pic­tures and dealt with un­ex­pect­ed sor­row. In this frag­ment we spend some qual­i­ty time with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, con­sid­er whether elec­tron­ic doc­u­ments will out­live books or vice ver­sa, and con­clude with a co­nun­drum ...
Slovenia From Above · Was just clean­ing out the cam­er­a, and there was this pho­to tak­en dur­ing the climb out of Ljubl­jana last week; it suf­fer­s, ob­vi­ous­ly, from be­ing tak­en with a pock­et cam­era through an air­plane win­dow, but is still kind of pret­ty ...
What’s Going On? · Gosh, there sure is a lot hap­pen­ing; this week in par­tic­u­lar, ev­ery­one who wants to lash them­selves to the “Web 2.0” mast is hard at work, and the buzz flows thick and fast. Right at this par­tic­u­lar mi­crosec­ond, Zim­bra (won­der­ing about that name?) en­joys center-of-the-whirlwind sta­tus. Check out the ar­chi­tec­ture; this is a com­peti­tor for ex­ist­ing server-side com­mu­ni­ca­tions prod­ucts like Mi­crosoft Ex­change and Sun’s Mes­sag­ing Serv­er. It al­so has a decent-looking AJAX front-end, in­spired most­ly by Out­look but with what seem to be cool in­te­gra­tion hooks (Rich Sharples won­ders whether JavaScript is re­al­ly the right tool for the job). Any­how, good luck to Zim­bra; it’s go­ing to be a bit of a grind sell­ing this kind of business-critical server-side pro­duc­t. It looks pret­ty good, but it looks in­cre­men­tal, un-radical. Mean­while, I kind of sus­pect that Mark Pil­grim may be in­vent­ing the fu­ture off in a cor­ner where nobody’s look­ing; you may not have heard much about ei­ther Atom stores or mi­cro­for­mats; ex­pect that to change.
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