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Flower Mandalas · The name alone should be enough to com­pel ex­cite­ment and sup­port; the Flow­er Man­dalas Pro­ject (via Botany Pho­to of the Day) is look­ing for con­tri­bu­tions from you; not of mon­ey but of word­s, and maybe not even your own word­s. Check it out, and al­so the botany-photo back­ground write-up is worth read­ing.
InvokeDynamic · Hey, re­mem­ber way last De­cem­ber, we had a bunch of dynamic-language ex­perts in to vis­it the Ja­va team here at Sun. That was just one lit­tle step in the pro­cess of mak­ing the Ja­va plat­form a lit­tle friendli­er to oth­er, non-Java-like, lan­guages. To­day I see an­oth­er step, Gi­lad Bracha writ­ing about a pro­posed new JVM byte­code, in­voke­dy­nam­ic, de­signed to low­er one of the nas­ti­er bar­ri­ers faced by peo­ple stag­ing dynamically-typed lan­guages on the JVM. Gilad’s style is aw­ful­ly prick­ly, but the nar­ra­tive is en­gag­ing.
NetBeans 5 Beta · Late on Tues­day the 27th, the NetBeans guys I was talk­ing to in Prague had to break for a go/no-go meet­ing on the Be­ta. I said “Mind if I come along? I’ll just listen.” Of course when they went around an­nounc­ing the peo­ple at the ta­ble and on the phone (NetBeans is very dis­tribut­ed) some­one piped up “Tim Bray’s here and he’s gonna blog ev­ery word.” I won’t, but I do have some en­ter­tain­ing sto­ries about the vis­it and the launch ...
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