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Check out Jon  · Jon Udell is an ex­is­tence proof of the need for tech­nol­o­gy writ­ers who are tech­ni­cal­ly com­pe­tent but don’t have a non-writing day job; in an ide­al world this is how all tech jour­nal­ists would be. First this great big honkin’ sur­vey piece on Web Ser­vices; I’ve been feel­ing guilty about not cov­er­ing that ter­ri­to­ry more, but now I don’t have to be­cause Jon is. Sum­ma­ry: There is hope. Then, his ex­cel­lent in­ter­view with Bill Gates, in which Gates is in­for­mal, in­for­ma­tive and in­tel­li­gen­t, as op­posed to Ballmer’s party-line blovi­a­tion.
Check out Lauren · Dr. Lau­ren Wood [Dis­clo­sure: my wife] has a few re­cent things worth check­ing out. Item: An Okana­gan wine-tour nar­ra­tive (think Na­pa or Sono­ma, on­ly cheap­er and pret­tier). Item: A guest-blog by Sal­ly Faulkn­er on the The Per­fect G&T, a sub­ject that mat­ter­s. And fi­nal­ly, a LazyWeb cri-de-coeur, Why Does Win­dows/XP hate us?.
How To Shoot Flowers · The ad­mirable Botany Pho­to of the Day some­times takes a side-trip in­to pho­to tech­nique (as for ex­am­ple in today’s re­mark­able shot). A few weeks ago they point­ed to this les­son in light­ing tech­nique from Na­ture Pho­tog­ra­phers On­line Magazine; I sus­pect any­one who’s snuck up on a flow­er with a cam­era will find it in­ter­est­ing. Oddly though, I found that in that pho­to se­quence, I vast­ly pre­ferred the first, unim­proved, shot, with the sharpish shad­ows high­light­ing the petal tex­tures. What do you think?
Millions · Tex­tPat­tern, Mov­able Type have been do­ing Atom 1.0 for a while; now it’s time to wel­come LiveJour­nal on board. We’re get­ting in­to some big num­bers here. More to come.
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