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New England Town Meeting · On the 16th of this mon­th, the Mas­sachusetts Tech­nol­o­gy Lead­er­ship Coun­cil host­ed a meet­ing at which Eric Kris­s, the state’s Sec­re­tary for Ad­min­is­tra­tion and Fi­nance, and Peter Quin­n, the CIO, dis­cussed the state’s re­cent pro­pos­al to stan­dard­ize on the Open Doc­u­ment For­mat. I re­ceived a set of meet­ing notes, which I re­pro­duce al­most as-is (spell-checked, re­moved per­son­al names and ed­i­to­ri­al­iz­ing). They rep­re­sent one attendee’s in­for­mal cap­ture of the pro­ceed­ings and have no of­fi­cial stand­ing. But there is some eye-opening stuff here. [Up­date: via David Ber­lind, there’s on­line au­dio of the meet­ing.] [Up­date: Aha! Bob Su­tor re­ports that the Mas­sachusetts de­ci­sion is now fi­nal. This is just the be­gin­ning of a long, long, road, and you know what? Mi­crosoft is too smart not to go down it; the on­ly ques­tion is when they start. See al­so Sam Ru­by on Brays, Fair­ness and Dou­ble­s­peak.] ...
GAIM & Adium, Good Stuff · I suc­cumbed to peer-group pres­sure and gave Adi­um a try; it’s a Mac instant-messaging clien­t, wrapped around the Gaim code, that sup­ports more or less ev­ery IM sys­tem on the plan­et. I’m very im­pressed, it’s good stuff. Gaim is very solid, and as for the OS X wrap­ping... well, iChat makes na­tive AOL look klunky and prim­i­tive, and Adi­um makes iChat look slop­py and space-inefficient; it gets the job done and gets out of the way. Al­so, if you want to whis­per se­cret­s, it sup­ports OTR en­cryp­tion. I can’t push pic­tures through it or do video chat, so iChat will still get used some­times. But, as of now, you can talk to me on AIM, Jab­ber, Ya­hoo!, and prob­a­bly even MSN pret­ty soon. [Up­date: MSN too, tim dot bray at sun dot com (uh, do I know any­one on MSN?); I’m now su­pe­rul­tra­mega­con­nect­ed.] Adi­um: high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. [Up­date: There’s an ir­ri­tat­ing bug, Adi­um from time to time makes it look like I’ve dropped off AIM even though I’m still there. I’ll have to go poke around and see if the de­vel­op­ers know about this.]
Yellow Rose · It’s been far, far too long since I wrapped a frag­ment round a flow­er. That’s be­cause our sum­mer, and hence our gar­den, was gen­er­al­ly pret­ty ter­ri­ble here this year in Van­cou­ver; the ex­cep­tion be­ing a bumper crop of blue­ber­ries. Any­how, here we have a pic­ture of a yel­low rose blos­som and a cou­ple of bud­s, that’s al­l ...
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