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Unatomic Bloglines · Sev­er­al peo­ple have writ­ten to tell me that the on­go­ing Atom 1.0 feed is thor­ough­ly borked in blog­lines, most vis­i­bly in white-space and link han­dling. I sent them a note a cou­ple of weeks ago, but no fix yet. Could some­one at blog­lines please have a look?
Massachusetts XML · This Massachusetts-office-file-format sto­ry has legs, it’s still echo­ing around a week af­ter it broke. Oddly, there’s been rel­a­tive­ly lit­tle cov­er­age of the “this is a good move because...” for­m, so: This is a re­al­ly smart move by Mas­sachusetts... Be­cause this way, they max­i­mize the chances that the da­ta is re-usable by lots of dif­fer­ent pro­gram­s, and not just of­fice suites. Be­cause they are en­tire­ly 100% free of le­gal en­tan­gle­ments. Be­cause they max­i­mize the chances that the da­ta will still be us­able by their grand-children, in­de­pen­dent of the for­tunes of any soft­ware com­pa­ny. Be­cause if there’s some­thing that needs adding to the for­mat, there’s a stan­dards com­mit­tee whose job that is. I’m go­ing to close by quot­ing, once again, a para­graph from a let­ter that the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion sent to Sun last year, that I think says what needs to be said: Trans­paren­cy and ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty re­quire­ments dic­tate that pub­lic in­for­ma­tion and gov­ern­ment trans­ac­tions avoid de­pend­ing on tech­nolo­gies that im­ply or im­pose a spe­cif­ic prod­uct or plat­form on busi­ness­es or cit­i­zen­s. Amen.
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