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Just Enough JXTA · I’ve been rea­son­ably suc­cess­ful at get­ting JXTA to do a cou­ple of sim­ple but very help­ful things. Here­with some re­marks on where I’ve found it use­ful, and on the Ab­so­lute Min­i­mum Ne­c­es­sary code to get a JXTA app run­ning. [Up­date: James asks me to post the code, so here it is, with com­men­tary, prob­a­bly on­ly of in­ter­est to JXTA-heads.] ...
Stones · Hey, good on the Stones for post­ing the tracks from A Big­ger Bang. There were some quality-control prob­lems get­ting them to play on my Mac yes­ter­day, but they’re work­ing now. Yeah, I could steal ’em, and some peo­ple will, but the Stones no longer play for a “What can a poor boy do?” de­mo­graph­ic, they play for peo­ple who can buy the songs they like. The last Stones record I bought was what­ev­er Miss You was on, damn I loved that song, that’s a decade or three back. I might pick this one up be­cause I like their In­ter­net Mar­ket­ing Mo­jo, but ya know, there are some decent-or-better tunes here. I par­tic­u­lar­ly like Back Of My Hand, straight blues, and This Place is Emp­ty, a sen­ti­men­tal pi­ano bal­lad with Kei­th on vo­cal­s. Danger­ous Beau­ty is a pret­ty good rock­er. Don’t think I’ll go see the show though, be­cause I don’t want to pol­lute the golden-glow mem­o­ry of singing Hap­py Birth­day for Kei­th Richards a few years back.
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