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DRM · There’s a lot of noise over the Open Me­dia Com­mons DRM-for-the-masses an­nounce­men­t. Me, I thought Jonathan Schwartz’s lit­tle para­ble yes­ter­day was way more in­ter­est­ing. What all the DRM dream­ers don’t want to ad­mit is that 95% or more of the pop­u­la­tion hasn’t yet en­coun­tered DRM, and when they do, they aren’t go­ing to like it. They’re go­ing to scream and scream and scream and get mad as hell and not take it any more. I’m talk­ing about the hon­est peo­ple who play by the rules: they buy a house and the ven­dor moves out and pulls no more strings. They buy so­fas and flow­ers and wine and pa­per and the store where they bought them doesn’t try to lim­it what you can do with them, and when the digital-media ven­dors try to horn in on this re­la­tion­ship, the re­sponse is go­ing to be “you and whose army?” OK, if there’s ev­er a place where DRM is ap­pro­pri­ate, it had bet­ter be open and non-monopolistic and all that. But the mu­sic and movie com­pa­nies who are cling­ing to this id­i­ot­ic idea that they can sell stuff to peo­ple and re­tain the rights to mi­cro­man­age it, well they’re in for some re­al­ly un­pleas­ant sur­pris­es. Peo­ple who are sur­prised, or think I’m a rad­i­cal, should check out Co­ry Doctorow’s clas­sic rant; for slight­ly dif­fer­en­t, but al­so stim­u­lat­ing an­gle, see Roger Sperberg’s The Law of Com­put­er En­tropy. [Up­date: This piece pro­voked au­thors of ear­li­er rants on the sub­ject to send point­er­s: among the best are those from Ju­lian Bond and Norm Walsh.]
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