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Scary Legals, Redux · I re­cent­ly cov­ered a sto­ry with a hap­py end­ing: the nasty (and mis­lead­ing) le­gal barbed-wire in front of NetBeans got tak­en down. Next step: let’s do the same thing for Java.net. Read on for ex­cerpts from the legal­s, but the bot­tom line is sim­ple: to non-lawyers (like me), this is scary stuff. The per­son who point­ed this out to me closed with the words “and so I’m not a mem­ber of java.net.” ...
On Consumer Video · I think the cam­corder ven­dors are about to make a lot of mon­ey. First, there’s the ad­vent of af­ford­able con­sumer HD. Ob­vi­ous­ly, the con­sumer prod­uct has all sorts of prob­lem­s, most no­tably the lack of high-def play­er­s. But if you care about what you’re shoot­ing, this is the first-ever archival-quality op­tion, and that mat­ter­s. The re­al rea­son is that, in­creas­ing­ly, there are a lot of people—I’m one—with a wide-screen TV and a cam­corder that can’t fill it. The ba­sic val­ue proposition—take movies that look good on your TV—ain’t there. At one lev­el, it would be re­al­ly tough to up­grade to 16:9 and not go all the way to HD. But that cam­era Pogue wrote up (It’s called the “HDR-HC1”, but Sony’s site, gimme a break, I am not so fool­ish as to link to URIs be­gin­ning sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD in the hope that they’ll last); any­how, that cam­er­a, you’re pay­ing a whole bunch and there are is­sues. It’s go­ing to be in­ter­est­ing times.
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