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Accountability? · For those who haven’t been watching, there’s been a nasty little dust-up between Rob Scoble and The Register, an online technology-review publication. The Reg accused Microsoft, in an IE beta, of some anti-competitive nasties (to be fair, of exactly the kind that Microsoft has done before). Scoble hotly denied it, saying the problem was rare, he hadn’t seen it and, when it occurred, was a bug not a strategy. He had plausible-sounding support from the IE team. The Reg returned to the attack, specifically alleging that Scoble had experienced the problem and was doing a cover-up, and published an email with Scoble’s name on the “From:” line as evidence. Scoble apparently alleges the email is a fake, and has been slinging words like “libel” around. Since then, the Register has been silent, which is really troubling; they need to affirm that they stand by their story, or back down. Either Scoble was lying, or he wasn’t; either the Register was off the rails or it wasn’t. I’m not linking to the individual pieces, because this hasn’t anything to do with the Reg’s initial allegation. It’s about finding out who’s lying, and if there are any penalties for it.
HiveMind · There’s this project I’m involved with where they’ve built a prototype with HiveMind, and off the top, it looks like a very handy package of useful stuff, check it out. Mind you, I’m somewhat unenthused about all the mantra-chanting around Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection, yeah I know that Martin Fowler can write thousand-word treatises on it, but it seems much ado about some very basic O-O techniques. Maybe I’m missing something; I’ve always had a bit of an impedance mismatch with the Patterns People.
Copyright Submission Madness · The U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office is asking a question: “whether persons filing the electronic-only preregistration form prescribed by the Copyright Office will experience difficulties if it is necessary to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser in order to preregister a work”. No, I’m not making this up. Comments are called for, and have to be sent (five copies!) by snail mail; the address is behind the link above. Thanks to Beth Macknik for the heads-up.
More Dynamic Java · Check out this Java-to-Javascript “Hello World” from A. Sundararajan. While I always knew that there was official “scripting language” support coming in the form of JSR 223, I saw it for the first time last week too; and it looks like it’s actually going to be generically useful in a lot of different places, and not just with Javascript either.
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