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Atom API Sketches · I’m thinking about Atom 1.0 from the coder’s point of view. I’m not thinking about the Publishing Protocol, I’m thinking about how you, the programmer, should go about inhaling and exhaling the stuff. I’ve never believed in One True API for XML, it’s just too broad-spectrum, but Atom’s pretty tightly constrained. Obviously, you can use something generic like SAX or one of the many DOM-style APIs, or one of the modern pull APIs. Maybe for Atom we could use something simpler and more natural. I’m thinking out loud in this space, this is far from finished, not even a proposal yet. But, I bet there are other people out there who care ...
PHP, Observed · Now, this is cool. Over at OSCON, they wired up DTrace to PHP. PHP is all about getting a reasonably-good Web site up unreasonably fast; and it scales surprisingly well, most times. But when it doesn’t, now you’ll be able to find out why.
Not 2.0 · I just wanted to say how much I’ve come to dislike this “Web 2.0” faux-meme. It’s not only vacuous marketing hype, it can’t possibly be right. In terms of qualitative changes of everyone’s experience of the Web, the first happened when Google hit its stride and suddenly search was useful for, and used by, everyone every day. The second—syndication and blogging turning the Web from a library into an event stream—is in the middle of happening. So a lot of us are already on 3.0. Anyhow, I think Usenet might have been the real 1.0. But most times, the whole thing still feels like a shaky early beta to me. [Tim O’Reilly responds at length. I’ll have more to say, but Tim’s piece deserves some contemplation on its own before that; also, this would be a good time for others to enter the conversation.] [Here’s my follow-on piece.]
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