We visited The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon; it’s a nice place, follow that link and read all about it, and if you’re anywhere near, drop on by. But this entry is just two cute donkey pictures, that’s all; no larger lessons or technology metaphors. [Malcolm Rowe writes to let me know that “Devonshire” is at best book language, at worst ignorant-tourist talk. So “Devon” it is; anyhow shorter is better.]

Donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary, Devonshire
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Donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary, Devonshire

Lauren and I have made a deliberate choice to live in the city rather than the suburbs, and in a high-density part too. We both have farm backgrounds and know pretty well what we’ve given up, and that’s OK. But I see these guys and the thought of a few suburban acres with room for a couple of donkeys starts to sound attractive.

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