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BlogBridge · The ag­gre­ga­tor back-link said: “ongoing: Our rat­ing: 12.69”. Puz­zled, I fol­lowed the point­er to BlogBridge, which turns out to be an­oth­er yet an­oth­er ag­gre­ga­tor, yawn. Ex­cept for, that 12.69 rat­ing puts on­go­ing at #1 on the list of their readers’ fa­vorites. Ob­vi­ous­ly a bunch of ob­ses­sive, pedan­tic geeks then. But I clicked on Down­load, and then on Mac­in­tosh, and there was a dis­cour­ag­ing lit­tle note along the lines of “No spe­cial Mac pack­ag­ing, click here.” So I did, and it was a Ja­va We­bS­tart, and soon I was won­der­ing why you’d need “Special Mac Packaging” any­how, be­cause it down­load­ed it­self and start­ed it­self and im­port­ed NetNewsWire’s OPML just fine and seems like a pret­ty slick ag­gre­ga­tor. It us­es the space­bar for just about any­thing (if Brent Sim­mons were Mi­crosoft, he’d have a U.S. Pa­tent on this by now). Fur­ther­more, it claims to sync it­self up be­tween dif­fer­ent com­put­ers (haven’t tried that) and since it’s Ja­va it ought to work about the same on dif­fer­ent kinds of com­put­ers (what a con­cep­t, eh?), so I can see some­thing like this be­ing a re­al at­trac­tive pack­age for some peo­ple. Here’s a screen­shot ...
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