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Debian Solaris · Check out Al­varo Lopez’s su­perb piece Why I do think OpenSo­laris ought to work with De­bian. Call me a rad­i­cal, but I think that easy in­stal­la­tion and up­grad­ing are im­por­tan­t. I think Lin­ux got where it is be­cause it was ba­si­cal­ly easy enough to in­stall and ba­si­cal­ly good enough to get a lot of jobs done. I think that hav­ing apt-get or equiv­a­lent Just Work is the sin­gle most im­por­tant value-add So­laris could get. Turn it around: I think a lot of peo­ple who need what So­laris has to of­fer are nev­er go­ing to find out un­til apt-get or equiv­a­lent Just Work­s. Out of the box. So, thank heav­ens for OpenSo­lar­is.org, where they’re chew­ing over Alo’s rant. Smart things are be­ing said, and Eric Boutili­er points out there that Gen­too, OpenPKG, and oth­ers are look­ing at this. But then there are peo­ple who claim to be So­laris fans say­ing ig­no­ran­t, id­i­ot­ic things like “Linux as a whole does not have any­thing good to of­fer, ex­cept that ‘it’s free’”. Earth to OpenSo­lar­is: Every com­mu­ni­ty has a few mo­ron­s; please learn to ig­nore yours. All this is pret­ty well a sideshow for the ex­ist­ing So­laris cus­tomer­s, but if we want So­laris to, you know, grow, this is how to do it. Good on ya, Alo, and hang in there, you’re 100% right.
Cats Don’t Link · Shel­ley Pow­er­s, in a tour de force of per­cep­tive­ness, has crys­tal­lized in a few short words ex­act­ly what it is that we­blog­gers do and don’t do. Don’t miss it.
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