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On the Badness of MetaWeblog · Henry Story has been struggling mightily to turn Bloged from a weekend hack into a real blogging tool, because near as I can tell, there isn’t such a thing that’s in Java and works about the same everywhere. This is good; what’s bad, as Henry is finding out, is MetaWeblog; few APIs in my recollection have drawn such a unanimous chorus of boos from implementors. Henry lays the problems out in gory detail. Fortunately, we’re working on the problem.
Threads Redux · The June 12th On Threads piece got slashdotted (twenty thousand hits for a 2,300 word hard-tech piece, not bad), which provoked really interesting feedback from (among others) David Dagastine, Greg Wilson, and Ben Holm, along with pointers to some related work. All those pointers are worth following, and some of the points are worth a little more discussion ...
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