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Microsoft and China · Boy, is the bl­o­go­sphere ev­er a buzzin’ over MSN Spaces’ pol­i­cy of not al­low­ing your­self to la­bel your­self with in­con­ve­nient words like “Freedom” or “Democracy”. Although I pro­found­ly dis­agree with Scoble on this one, you got­ta re­spect him for stick­ing his head out of the trench un­der heavy fire (here and here). Look, there’s noth­ing in the ba­sic work­ings of the free mar­ket, nor in U.S. leg­is­la­tion, that says MSN can’t be Beijing’s bitch to buy some blog­ger­s. But re­mem­ber, it is a free mar­ket, on this side of the Paci­fic. So first, I sus­pect there’s a lot of people—the kind of cre­ative, independent-minded peo­ple that Mi­crosoft needs—who’d gen­er­al­ly rather not work at a com­pa­ny that does that. And sec­ond, there are a lot of oth­er peo­ple who’d pre­fer to avoid buy­ing prod­ucts from one. [Up­date: I’m get­ting push­back be­cause it’s been claimed that Sun sells some of the gear in the Great Fire­wal­l. If true (and it’s be­liev­able), that’s sad. It feels quite dif­fer­ent to me from pro-actively sup­press­ing the use of the words “Freedom” and “Democracy”; but make your own judg­men­t. Any­how, read the dis­claimer at your right; it’s me, not Sun, that’s talk­ing.]
The Unix Horse Race · The big OpenSo­laris launch is to­day; there’s a huge crowd of blog­gers giv­ing you the deep tech­ni­cal poop, so I’ll stick to sports metaphors. I don’t know what the word “Unix” means legal­ly, but if it’s got a re­al fork(), it’s Unix to me; that in­cludes GNU/Lin­ux and the BSDs and So­lar­is. Which is to say, they’re more alike than they are dif­fer­en­t, and they’re all pret­ty good. No­body cares much about the his­to­ry now; it’s about fast, re­li­able, and cheap, and that’s as it should be. If you look at the core en­gi­neer­ing teams for Lin­ux and So­lar­is, nei­ther of them is dra­mat­i­cal­ly big­ger than the oth­er, so I think the race is pret­ty fair. My per­son­al take? At the mo­ment So­laris is ahead in scal­ing and ob­serv­abil­i­ty and pro­duc­tion man­age­men­t. The good Lin­ux dis­tros are ahead in in­stalling and pack­ag­ing (“In the Begin­ning there was noth­ing. So God said apt-get in­stall light”) and us­er in­ter­face. Is there a down­sid­e? The BSDs might get crowd­ed out in all the ex­cite­men­t, and that would be sad. Aside from that, it’s gonna be fun to watch. And the peo­ple who are lined up to bet are wav­ing re­al mon­ey, lots of it.
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