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Mac - Power + x86? · CNET has set the In­ter­net abuzz by re­port­ing that Ap­ple is go­ing to jump from Pow­er to x86 sil­i­con. I think it’s be­liev­able, port­ing the soft­ware doesn’t seem like that big a deal. Here’s a per­son­al side­light: Last year I was chat­ting with a very se­nior IBM per­son that I’d just met, who smirked at my Pow­erBook and said “You know, we make more mon­ey on ev­ery one of those than Ap­ple does.” Re­mem­ber, he was re­al se­nior and we’d just met. Those kinds of sto­ries are for sure go­ing to get back to Ap­ple and they’re go­ing to be re­al ir­ri­tat­ing. Look at it this way: once Ap­ple makes the first big step away from Pow­er, if they don’t like Intel’s at­ti­tude or Intel’s per­for­mance or Intel’s pric­ing, they can walk across the street to AMD. Or for that mat­ter back to IBM, who might have be­come a lit­tle more hum­ble and hun­gry. [Up­date: Sev­er­al peo­ple have writ­ten to point out that the IBM per­son was prob­a­bly wrong, since the G4 in the Pow­erBooks is made by Mo­toro­la/Freescale, not IBM. But I think the point about at­ti­tude stand­s.]
That Microsoft XML Patent · The cov­er­age from ZDNet says the patent is for the con­ver­sion of ob­jects in­to XML files; but if you read the patent it­self, the im­por­tant “Claim 1” doesn’t even men­tion XML, it’s just about se­ri­al­iz­ing ob­jects based on us­ing an an­no­tat­ed source file and a schema. I was try­ing to find a way to write about this with­out be­com­ing shrill and us­ing bad lan­guage, but fail­ing. For­tu­nate­ly, I ran across a good opin­ion, shrill but not ob­scene, penned by Greg Aha­ro­ni­an who’s a re­al ac­tu­al patent lawyer and thus qual­i­fied. Here­with a lit­tle bit of my own shrill­ness, fol­lowed by Greg’s pro­fes­sion­al evis­cer­a­tion of this ex­treme case of patent bo­gos­i­ty. [Up­date: slight cor­rec­tion re­gard­ing Don Box.] ...
XML and Religion · I sus­pect that most peo­ple who read me al­so read Adam Bos­worth. But if you don’t, do.
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