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JXTA Pancakes · One week late last year, on a lark I made a tra­di­tion­al Sun­day break­fast: pan­cakes, ba­con, and maple syrup. The kid has on ev­ery sub­se­quent Sun­day put in a non-negotiable de­mand for more of the same. The good news is that the pan­cakes are get­ting bet­ter. The bad news is that learn­ing suck­s, and my JXTA pan­cakes are still kind of burnt and mis­shapen ...
New Office XML · The pop­u­lar wis­dom is that it takes Mi­crosoft un­til Re­lease 3 of any­thing to get it right; but the ear­ly word on the new Of­fice XML for­mat makes Re­lease 2 look pret­ty good. Read­ing be­tween the lines, the big news is, first, that the de­fault file-save for­mat is XML and, sec­ond, that the XML cov­er­age is com­plete (In the cur­rent Of­fice XML, Pow­erPoint is en­tire­ly ab­sent and Ex­cel has big holes). As­sum­ing Mi­crosoft pulls this of­f, it’s a ma­jor achieve­men­t. Along with patch­ing those holes, work­ing around the ba­sic OLE-container-ness of ev­ery­thing has to be trick­y; one of the nice things about MS Of­fice is that you can jam pret­ty well any­thing that talks OLE in­to the mid­dle of pret­ty well any Of­fice doc and it just work­s. I have ques­tions around the li­cens­ing: Bri­an Jones, linked above, says “royalty-free” but the cur­rent li­cens­ing lan­guage has some claus­es that make lawyers ner­vous, so let’s wait and see on that one. At one lev­el, it’s sad that while the rest of the world (in­clud­ing, late­ly, Adobe and IBM) has been hard at work on one wide-open, share­able, portable, stan­dard­ized XML of­fice doc­u­ment for­mat, Mi­crosoft put their en­er­gy in­to in­vent­ing an­oth­er one. Stil­l, this ought to be a step for­ward for Microsoft’s cus­tomer­s. The news cov­er­age says “late 2006”; good luck to the team in the tough job of get­ting it shipped.
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