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“An Art of Flawless and Unredeemable Vulgarity” · For those of us in­clined to read­ing, there are few plea­sures sweet­er than an un­al­loyed, un­sug­ared, un­mer­ci­ful polemic, de­liv­ered with style and vig­or and aimed at a thor­ough­ly de­serv­ing tar­get. Which is to say, An­tho­ny Lane’s tri­umphant trash­ing of Re­venge of the Sith is a mas­ter­piece, and we are all in Ge­orge Lucas’ debt for giv­ing Lane such a mon­u­men­tal and soft tar­get. Lane is pure­ly and un­apolo­get­i­cal­ly mean-spirited, punch­ing glee­ful­ly well be­low the belt and con­nect­ing with ev­ery blow. I am no more than a grasshop­per in the pres­ence of a mas­ter, but am still moved to re­mark that Lu­cas is a pasty-faced over­grown ado­les­cent with a re­al­ly dumb hair­cut, and that his tal­ent for the oc­ca­sion­al re­al­ly great spe­cial ef­fect in no way makes up for his lame plot de­vices, preschooler-cartoon char­ac­ter­s, and pro­found lack of good taste.
Hey There, Big Blue! · So, it’s now of­fi­cial­ly OK for IBMers to blog. I read their pol­i­cy guide­lines with in­ter­est, since I led the draft­ing of the Sun ver­sion when we launched just over a year ago. The IBM pol­i­cy is re­mark­ably con­sis­tent with ours, there are on­ly a few dif­fer­ences that leap out at me. First, there is spe­cif­ic ad­vice to “speak in the first person”, which I think is ex­cel­lent and we should steal next time we do a re­vi­sion. Se­cond, un­der the head­ing “Add value” there is lan­guage that makes it pret­ty clear that blogs on IBM prop­er­ties are sup­posed to be about IBM’s busi­ness and not much else. I guess this is rea­son­able, but it would rule out things like our glob­al­ful and Isa, which add some chuck­les to the world and don’t cost much. Even our mostly-tech blogs reg­u­lar­ly veer out in­to off-the-job ter­ri­to­ry, for ex­am­ple, I just hopped over to blogs.­sun.­com and out of the most re­cent posters picked chan­dan­log(3C). Hm­m. Fi­nal­ly, un­der the head­ing “Don’t pick fights” (who could dis­agree) there is a flat state­ment “You should avoid arguments”, and that’s just wrong. Hu­man in­tel­lec­tu­al progress re­lies heav­i­ly on ar­gu­ing things out, some guy named Socrates was a pi­o­neer. About three-quarters of my job con­sists of ar­gu­ing with peo­ple about one thing or an­oth­er, how could I not do it here? A bl­o­go­sphere with­out ar­gu­ments would be a poor, thin, bor­ing place. Stil­l, it’ll be nice to have IBM around, and here’s my ad­vice to to all the in­com­ing Big Blue blog­ger­s: don’t for­get to have fun.
Party Party · Bri­tish Columbia is hav­ing an elec­tion Tues­day the 17th. I won’t be there be­cause I’m tak­ing a plane out at 7AM, so on the week­end I took the kid off to the ad­vance pol­l. I thought I’d turn it in­to a civics lesson, but a par­lia­men­tary elec­tion turns out to have too many lev­els to ex­plain eas­i­ly. He got the idea about pick­ing a name and mark­ing an “X” be­side it, though. In BC there are two par­ties that mat­ter, the Lib­er­als (their web­site is wonky in Sa­far­i, bah) and the NDP. In Amer­i­can terms, the Lib­er­als are ap­prox­i­mate­ly mod­er­ate Repub­li­cans and the NDP ap­prox­i­mate­ly lib­er­al Democrat­s. The last NDP gov­ern­ment was in­cred­i­bly bad and the vot­ers got so ir­ri­tat­ed they elect­ed a leg­is­la­ture with the Lib­er­als hold­ing 77 of 79 seat­s. The NDP has got­ten rid of most of the clue­less schemers from last time around and while they aren’t ex­pect­ed to win, we should have a better-balanced leg­is­la­ture af­ter the elec­tion. Al­so the Green Par­ty is look­ing strong and may elect a few mem­bers this time, which I think would be healthy. In our rid­ing, the Lib­er­als are run­ning a bor­ing mar­ket­ing ex­ec while the NDP has a boy­ish en­trepreneur (cre­ator of Hap­py Plan­et juices. Along with these two, the Green­s, and an in­de­pen­den­t, we had can­di­dates from the Work Less Par­ty (Work­ers of the World - RELAX!) and the Sex Par­ty. Seems like these last two should con­tem­plate a merg­er.
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