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Mis-Prized · Sev­er­al peo­ple have not­ed that the blogs.­sun.­com team won a Sun award that seems to be kind of a big deal. There’s a prob­lem: while the oth­er folks on the “team” (Si­mon, Hoffie, Will, Danese, P@, Dave) are out­stand­ing, we are like maybe 5% of this sto­ry, max. There was Jonathan who said “do it” (not know­ing at that point that he had blog­ging tal­en­t), then there was Dave Ed­mond­son who de­ployed Plan­etPlan­et to make Plan­etSun, then there are three lawyers you nev­er heard of—Steve Schul­man, Damien East­wood, and Dave Farrell—who helped us fig­ure out how to do this with­out get­ting our­selves or the com­pa­ny bust­ed. James Todd did a bunch of in­ter­nal work be­fore it all start­ed that gave us some cred­i­bil­i­ty. John Fowler and Juan Car­los So­to man­aged Si­mon and me and gave us noth­ing but sup­port. Add those peo­ple in, and you have 10% of the cred­it. The oth­er 90% be­longs to the thousand-plus peo­ple here who rose to the chal­lenge and joined the con­ver­sa­tion: en­gi­neer­ing po­et­s, mar­ket­ing hack­ers and well, yes, some com­plete rav­ing loonies, and their dogs. Just go here and search for the word “background”. Enough said; more than enough.
Yahoo! Search FUSE · John Bat­telle re­ports on a con­ver­sa­tion with Y!’s Jeff Wein­er; it sounds like John heard more or less the same things I did. At the time I didn’t say too much about Jeff’s re­mark­s, but I think that John’s piece, while good, by­passed a re­al in­ter­est­ing part. Y!’s ral­ly­ing cry is FUSE: Find, Use, Share, and Ex­pand. So do you think they can beat Google at find­ing or us­ing? Well may­be, but I wouldn’t want to bet a busi­ness on it. But how about Share and Ex­pand? Y! has re­la­tion­ships with a lot of peo­ple out there: email re­la­tion­ship­s, fi­nance re­la­tion­ship­s, chat­ter re­la­tion­ship­s, you name it. Sup­pose they can make it re­al easy and at­trac­tive for the peo­ple in all those re­la­tion­ships to put some back; to Share stuff and Ex­pand the We­b. Be­ing first in line to help ev­ery­one Find and Use that good new stuff? Sounds like a plau­si­ble line of at­tack to me.
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