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A380 Fear and Loathing · To­day, the Air­bus A380 flew. Oddly, this seems to be treat­ed as a good thing. On this page there is a fright­ful lie, name­ly that the plane will seat 555 pas­sen­gers with lots of room for lounges and shop­ping and so on. This claim is obliv­i­ous to the facts that most air­lines are los­ing mon­ey and most trav­el­ers are high­ly price-sensitive; er­go, this turkey will car­ry 800-plus suf­fer­ing souls packed in like sar­di­nes, which means that af­ter you roll up to the gate, you can count on the best part of an hour fil­ing off the plane so you can make the tran­si­tion from un­pleas­ant air­plane to un­pleas­ant air­port.
Democratic Reform BC · My friend and for­mer col­league Matt Laird, who, as a part-time ISP, hosts on­go­ing, is a can­di­date for the Demo­crat­ic Re­form par­ty in the provin­cial elec­tion we’ve got un­der way right now. They’re cur­rent­ly mad be­cause their lead­er isn’t be­ing in­vit­ed to the TV de­bates, and their gripe sounds rea­son­able to me. In this elec­tion, I haven’t yet tak­en the time to fig­ure out who I like, but I’ve turned in­to one of those aw­ful single-issue vot­ers be­cause I’ve got a kid in el­e­men­tary school, and the lev­el of un­der­fund­ing is shock­ing, scan­dalous; un­ac­cept­able in as pros­per­ous a so­ci­ety as we have here. It looks like be­ing a re­al horse-race in my neigh­bor­hood too, so this should be fun.
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