In recent weeks, I’ve had some successes at discovering good new music on the radio, which isn’t what it once was but is still not beyond hope. Here’s one: the other night, listening to CBC Radio3 sometime past midnight on CBC-FM, I really liked a cut off Bonobo-a-Go-Go by Sock Hop Arousal (they have a way with words if nothing else), and then the guy came on the radio and said “You can buy that at Bullfrog Music” and right then and there, sitting in my chair, I did, it was C$8.49 and with shipping was still only $12 or so. The most obvious influence, like the Web site says, is Bristol trip hop, only with guitars. The music, to my ear, has a heart, a centre; a rare enough thing these days, or in any days. Money well spent.

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April 23, 2005
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