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WS in BW · A month or two ago, there was a piece about Web Services by Jim Kerstetter in Business Week, and it was pretty good but I disagreed with one or two of his premises, so I wrote to tell him so. He answered, saying “Want to write a viewpoint piece on the subject for us?” So I did, it’s online here.
Brand on Cities · Over at the new O’Reilly Radar site, a wonderful piece by Stewart Brand, who remains one of my heroes.
It Should Be Easy to Do The Right Thing · I’m quoting Jon Udell, who is, as usual, right. Anyone thinking of building an application on the Web platform should take what Jon’s saying seriously.
NetBeans 4.1 · Now online here. First impressions including complaints, and a blogging-policy conundrum ...
Dumb Software Pricing · I see that IBM has decided to treat dual-core chips as one for software-pricing purposes. Pardon me for going all corporate here, but the whole thing is still moronic. I have this naïve notion that customers ought to pay a price that’s proportional to the value received. In the case of IT infrastructure, this might have to do with the number of people using it, or it might have to do with the size and importance of the business problem, but I guarantee it totally has nothing to do with the number of compute elements you’re running. Why do we let this craziness continue?
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