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IETF Last Call on the Atom Format · This is a milestone: the IETF Atompub Working Group thinks we’re mostly finished with the Atom Syndication Format, and our Area Director has put the draft out for last call IETF-wide. It’s not set in stone, the WG is chewing on a couple of last little change proposals that might get consensus, and it’s quite likely that some of the smart IETFers will spot problems and ask for changes. We think Atom does a reasonably good job of coalescing all the years of experience with all the RSSes, and I’m pretty convinced it will make a difference. We’ve tried to err on the side of omission; there are lots of things that could have been added that weren’t. We only felt confident enough cover the areas where there’s a lot of prior art and the arguments are mostly over. Anyhow, Atom’s extensible; I’m pretty sure the market is creative enough to converge on good extensions to address any important things we left out. So please have a look either at the IETF ASCII or nice modern HTML versions of the draft, and see if you think we’ve missed anything.
Blogging Client Round-up · We’ve been funding work on bloged, originally a Gosling weekend hack, and needed to checkpoint how it’s doing; so I went and tried out a bunch of blogging clients, with very mixed results. So far I’ve tested basic writing-in-the-browser, bloged, Ecto, MarsEdit, and w.bloggar. [Update: I’d misconfigured Ecto.] [Update again: I changed my mind and totally rewrote the conclusion; ain’t this medium wonderful?] ...
Sunfunny · When we launched this blogging thang, I hadn’t actually expected much entertainment value. But when you get a couple thousand smart people holding forth, I guess on average some of them will turn out to be funny. Recent examples would include anything Tim Caynes writes (and no, I have no idea what he’s talking about either) and Jeff Kesselman on Sex at IBM and Sun (nothing to do with sex, unfortunately). But you really gotta respect someone who can be funny about RMI exceptions (well, mostly the picture).
What Blogs Are Made For · John Gruber ruthlessly deconstructs the Macrobe marketing-speak. There’s a word for what John’s doing here: Truth.
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