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Adobe + Macromedia = ? · Seems straight­for­ward to me. Adobe is in at the cen­ter of print pro­duc­tion (Pho­toShop & friend­s, InDe­sign, PDF), while Macromedia’s DreamWeaver is the sin­gle most im­por­tant Web-design pro­duc­t. Dave Shea says this might be about Flash, but let me sug­gest ex­act­ly the op­po­site: if you’re hitch­ing your ca­reer to Flash, it might be a good time to look at al­ter­na­tives. Why’s that? Be­cause, near as I can tel­l, Macro­me­dia has nev­er made any se­ri­ous mon­ey with Flash. They’ve ac­com­plished one of the great, hero­ic, mar­ket­ing coups of all time, get­ting the plug-in on­to sub­stan­tial­ly ev­ery desk­top on the plan­et; and this bought them, uh, what ex­act­ly? They sell au­thor­ing tool­s, but se­ri­ous­ly, how many Flash de­sign­ers does the world need? Any­how, most of the good things you can do with Flash, you can do about as well with DHTML (oops that’s called AJAX now) and your “back” but­ton still work­s. I guess there’s no rea­son to ac­tu­al­ly shut Flash down, the tool rev­enue must about cov­er the en­gi­neer­ing cost­s. But Adobe, his­tor­i­cal­ly, has been good at fo­cus­ing on what works and drop­ping the dis­trac­tion­s. (Can you re­mem­ber PageMil­l?) Flash is a dis­trac­tion. [Up­date: Smell some­thing burn­ing? That would be me, siz­zling in a tor­rent of Flash-flavored flame.] ...
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