The weather, shifty this weekend, held off until just after the Little League game. It was sunny even, then we saw that behind the bright branches half the sky was storm-coloured. As I snapped this, the first hailstones fell, you can even see some.

Spring hail-storm in Vancouver

That Little League game was a honey; the kids have progressed from Tee-ball to “Mini Minor” which means they get four tries at the offering from a pitching machine before the tee gets set up. The’re so eager and have so much fun, few on the planet could avoid being infected by their glee. Fortunately, our league—players, coaches, and parents—seems to be pretty well 100% free of attitude problems and childishness. That’s Vancouver’s Little Mountain Baseball.

And I am not gonna develop baseball-parent-itis, but let history record that our little guy, the smallest and youngest on the team, jumped on two successive grounders and threw both runners out cleanly. That inning actually ended on three outs, not the runs-per-inning limit, which is pretty big news in this league. Who won... Who cares? By the time we’re getting towards the end of the game, the kids are focusing on what the snacks will be. Good attitude.

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