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Ph.D. Fun · I have a lowly B.Sc., which didn’t bother me until just now when I read Postmodern Sass on the rewards of postgraduate study.
Futures Fun · I spent the whole day at a company summit on some broad-spectrum issues that the next wave of Sun hardware is bringing into focus. This included a detailed briefing on our next three or four generations of SPARC and x86 boxes; which is pretty well pure porn if you like computers in general and servers in particular. I can’t possibly even begin to talk details, except for I am gonna have to come up with some wild-ass project so I can get my hands on one or two of these puppies. I’ll say this though: if you know what CMT and TLP are and think you’re hot stuff in that area, consider getting in touch with Sun, because do we ever have a lot of interesting work.
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