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Still Wondering About Tags · This whole related-tags thing has been around for a month, but Dave Sifry says it’s official. I went and tried a half-dozen and the results were all over the map. I think I spot a pattern where things that are more or less steady-state are lame (Vancouver, prostitution), while it works well on current events: (Firefox, DeLay, Gomery). Which is intuitively plausible. But my question from last month still stands: Are tags useful? Are there any questions you want to ask, or jobs you want to do, where tags are part of the solution, and clearly work better than old-fashioned search? I really want to believe that tagging is big, a game-changer, but the longer I go on asking this question and not getting an answer, the more nervous I get.
Still Needs Measuring · Here are some questions about the “Average Web Page”: How big is it? Does it have pictures? How many others does it point to? How many others point to it? Nine years ago I offered answers to those questions, with pretty pictures even (some included here), and those answers are still interesting, but it would be nice if someone would repeat the exercise for today’s Web. Plus, another reason to be mad at Microsoft ...
Still Growing · Last month, Dave Sifry published three more installments in his continuing State of the Blogosphere series (parts 1, 2, and 3). Those are some impressive numbers, and Dave is doing outstanding work in digging into them from a bunch of different directions.
Three Azaleas · There’s this azalea in our front yard (you walk right by it on the way in) and it’s a photographer’s problem because at its peak it vanishes behind a solid mass of red petals, bright red, arguably garish but you have to smile; only no camera, film or digital, has come close. “Beauty is hard” said the poet, and so are extreme reds. Anyhow, here are three shots of its prepubescent phase in very vertical sunlight ...
Three Geometries · I take and even publish pictures of, well, nothing, when the shape demands it. Blame that math degree. Two of these these are on the Steveston waterfront which is pretty darn nice on a sunny day; the other in a random sunlit stairwell.
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