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Still Wondering About Tags · This whole related-tags thing has been around for a mon­th, but Dave Sifry says it’s of­fi­cial. I went and tried a half-dozen and the re­sults were all over the map. I think I spot a pat­tern where things that are more or less steady-state are lame (Van­cou­ver, pros­ti­tu­tion), while it works well on cur­rent events: (Fire­fox, DeLay, Gomery). Which is in­tu­itive­ly plau­si­ble. But my ques­tion from last month still stand­s: Are tags use­ful? Are there any ques­tions you want to ask, or jobs you want to do, where tags are part of the so­lu­tion, and clear­ly work bet­ter than old-fashioned search? I re­al­ly want to be­lieve that tag­ging is big, a game-changer, but the longer I go on ask­ing this ques­tion and not get­ting an an­swer, the more ner­vous I get.
Still Needs Measuring · Here are some ques­tions about the “Average Web Page”: How big is it? Does it have pic­tures? How many oth­ers does it point to? How many oth­ers point to it? Nine years ago I of­fered an­swers to those ques­tion­s, with pret­ty pic­tures even (some in­clud­ed here), and those an­swers are still in­ter­est­ing, but it would be nice if some­one would re­peat the ex­er­cise for today’s We­b. Plus, an­oth­er rea­son to be mad at Mi­crosoft ...
Still Growing · Last mon­th, Dave Sifry pub­lished three more in­stall­ments in his con­tin­u­ing State of the Bl­o­go­sphere se­ries (parts 1, 2, and 3). Those are some im­pres­sive num­ber­s, and Dave is do­ing out­stand­ing work in dig­ging in­to them from a bunch of dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion­s.
Three Azaleas · There’s this aza­lea in our front yard (y­ou walk right by it on the way in) and it’s a photographer’s prob­lem be­cause at its peak it van­ish­es be­hind a sol­id mass of red petal­s, bright red, ar­guably gar­ish but you have to smile; on­ly no cam­er­a, film or dig­i­tal, has come close. “Beauty is hard” said the po­et, and so are ex­treme red­s. Any­how, here are three shots of its pre­pubescent phase in very ver­ti­cal sun­light ...
Three Geometries · I take and even pub­lish pic­tures of, well, noth­ing, when the shape de­mands it. Blame that math de­gree. Two of these these are on the Steve­ston wa­ter­front which is pret­ty darn nice on a sun­ny day; the oth­er in a ran­dom sun­lit stair­well.
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