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The Martin Government Is Toast · One the one hand, you’ve got a mi­nor­i­ty gov­ern­ment that’s just been caught laun­der­ing a mil­lion bucks through cor­rupt ad agen­cies back in­to its own cof­fer­s. On the oth­er hand, you’ve got a weak and di­vid­ed op­po­si­tion; I for one am un­con­vinced they’d gov­ern bet­ter. Doesn’t mat­ter; when a gov­ern­ment acts this bad­ly it just has to be spanked, pour en­cour­ager les autres. Go on Stephen, Jack, and Gilles, pull the damn trig­ger al­ready and let’s have an elec­tion and give the Lib­er­als a dose of op­po­si­tion. It’ll make us all feel bet­ter, and our pol­i­tics are strong­ly enough centre-loaded that it’ll be hard for the next gov­ern­ment to do too much dam­age. It’ll prob­a­bly be an­oth­er mi­nor­i­ty gov­ern­ment any­how, which is prob­a­bly a good thing at this stage.
Forest Practices From Above · Via Dave Shea, a vi­su­al les­son on mod­ern forestry. I’ve ac­tu­al­ly vis­it­ed a clear-cut or two, that’s some re­al ug­li­ness. You don’t have to be a fa­nat­i­cal green, here in BC, to start hav­ing a re­al at­ti­tude prob­lem about forestry com­pa­nies and their pet politi­cian­s. Kind of like the Ents’ at­ti­tude to­wards Saruman’s Orc­s. There has to be mid­dle ground; I like liv­ing in a wood­en house and read­ing words on pa­per. But look at those pic­tures; we can’t go on like this.
The Wrath of Heaven · May it cur­dle the milk and sour the beer of those who pub­lish an ex­treme­ly useful-looking API/Frame­work and when you get there, the in­tro says “The re­quired plat­form bi­na­ries are list­ed in …” and the “downloads” link takes you in­to a maze of twisty lit­tle CVS pas­sages. [Ed. note - the pack­age in ques­tion is not one I’ve writ­ten about here be­fore.]
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