The Rails (& Ruby) hype is becoming deafening to the point that I can’t ignore it; while poking around I came across the home of one Mikael Brockman, yet another precocious Scandinavian hacker (what’s going on up there?). Anyhow, I’d always vaguely understood continuations and knew that smart people thought they were great, but I looked at the code from his essay Continuations on the Web [Sigh, that link is dead. It’s in the archive] and thought “I can’t believe that does what he says”, but it turns out that OS X comes with Ruby and yes, it does what he says. But I had to spend a long time looking at it to see why. Will this kind of idiom ever enter the mainstream? I’m not sure, but internalizing it will make you a little smarter.

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March 24, 2005
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