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Upcoming Gig: April in San Fran · On April 11th I’ll be doing a “Keynote Debate” with Jean Paoli and Jon Udell at the Gilbane Content Management Technologies conference (what a long name). Some of the press coverage is trying to spin this as a “My office XML is better than yours” debate, which seems lame to me, there’s plenty to debate about the right way to put markup to work without getting into boring product specifics.
Upcoming Gig: Oxford Summer School · I’ll be on the faculty at this year’s XML Summer School, the week of July 24-29 in Oxford. It’s a Sun-sponsored event and I’ve wanted to go for years; there are a few events on the program covering areas I really want to learn about, so I’m really looking forward to this.
Upcoming Gig: May in New York · On May 18th, Jon Udell and I (and a player to be named later, they say) are talking generalities at the IDG Syndicate Conference, which is interesting as it’s the first attempt (that I know of) by an old-line analyst/publishing company to do a traditional old-line conference around this whole blogging/syndication thing. The idea itself is controversial, we’ll see how it goes.
Upcoming Gig: May in Chiba · On May 13th, I’ll be in Chiba, Japan participating in a panel entitled Web Services Considered Harmful? with Jeff Barr of Amazon, prominent RESTafarian Mark Baker, Adam Bosworth of Google, and Jeffrey McManus of EBay, at the 14th International World Wide Web Conference. Should be fun.
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